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Dorm room move


Dorm room move out and storage for 3 months


Studio move out and storage 3 months


Dorm room move

Going to a college or a university is an experience that comes with a lot of perks – meeting new people, seeing new places, overall having new life experiences and creating memories that will stay with you throughout the rest of your life. But you know what’s one experience that most students wish they could skip? The ordeal of having to move their belongings from home to their new dorm and back at the end of the semester or simply because of a switch of dorms and so on.

Especially if you’re away from home, it can be quite challenging to organize a move, find packing materials, find friends that are willing to help you, find a way to transport all of your stuff from point A to point B, and then do this while avoiding any mishaps. When you have inexperienced people trying to move your belongings, accidents can and will happen. This can leave you without your deposit if any damage is done to your dorm room and you can also lose your prized possessions, as things can be broken or lost. Remember how much you had to save to buy that super sweet guitar or snowboard or computer or…? We can guarantee you that it would not feel nice to have all that effort and time wasted because someone tripped or lost their grip.

These are just a couple of reasons why you should consider hiring our team to help you move. Our student moving services are specifically catered to your needs and, perhaps even more importantly, to your budget.

We can offer you a range of options from which to choose from, according to your requirements and your budget limit. Whether you simply want to rent a van with a driver to transport your stuff, or if you need help acquiring packing materials, or with the actual packing and moving your stuff to and from the van, we’ve got you covered.

Regardless of the option you go for, you can rest assured that our student-friendly fees do not mean a compromise on the quality of our services. Our team will treat you and your possessions as a top customer and you will receive the same high-quality, professional treatment that any other customer would get. We will handle your possessions with care and make sure that all the souvenirs you’ve acquired from your year abroad or from your new college friends will survive the journey intact.

So, if you would rather avoid the hassle of having to organize the complex activity that moving can be, make sure to contact us and have a chat with us to see exactly what we can offer you to make your personal moving experience a painless and even pleasant memory.

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