Nowadays, more and more people resort to the services of an interior designer in order to bring their dream project to life. With this increase in demand, the designers themselves can often find themselves swamped in the logistics of the projects they are working on. If you find yourself in a similar situation, our professional team can help you!

In our experience, interior designers enjoy structure, an order to the beautiful chaos that a design project can be. As such, our company strives to embody this sense of organization, by handling the logistics for you, so that you may focus all of your creative power on the requirements of your client. We can’t help you match paint shades or find the perfect frame for that painting you wanted to hang over the fireplace, but we can definitely take some of the burden off your shoulders by handling the heavy stuff for you!

We also know interior designers are busy people, so let us get to the point and tell you what our company can offer you:


  1. Receiving your selected items of furniture, artwork, etc. – Often times, interior designers work with a multitude of manufacturers in order to be certain that they can build the perfect space for their clients. Not seldom, these deliveries cannot be coordinated so that they all arrive on the exact same day and time to allow for instant installation in the client’s home. Plus, with so many bulky and heavy items to handle, you will certainly require help. As such, our company can receive these deliveries for you, literally doing the heavy lifting for you. We will also make certain to provide a thorough inspection of the items, to make sure that they made the trip safely and that you will have no issues with them.
  2. Storage – In cases where you are not ready to have everything immediately set-up into your client’s desired space, we can offer you our state of the art storage facilities. We will always handle every item with expert care and you can sleep easy knowing your client’s precious belongings are safe and sound in our hands.
  3. Moving – Once you are ready to put everything into place, our highly trained movers will be there to assists you all the way. All you have to do is provide them with instructions on where you want everything placed and they will handle the rest. With plenty of experience working with interior designers, our team is willing and able to follow your plan to a T.
  4. Assembly – Furthermore, if any of the furniture you have carefully selected for your clients requires any assembly, we can make that happen for you. Our professional team members will make sure that any assembly will take place without any damage coming to the items in question, to provide you with a high quality, satisfying result.

As you can see, hiring our team to help you with your interior design projects would considerably lighten your workload, leaving you with the free time necessary to provide your clients with the best results, ensuring that they will come back for more and recommend you to their friends and family as well. Regardless of whether you are planning the interior design for a small, one-family house or for a company’s new office building or an entire hotel, for example, our team is more than capable of handling projects of any sizes and catering to the particular requests of your clients, to the complete satisfaction of all parties involved. So, next time you have an interior design project on your hands, please don’t hesitate to contact us!