1. Special care
  2. Custom crates
  3. Specialized movers and equipment
  4. Nationwide service


Our piano movers may not be virtuosos like yourself, but they are experts in piano moving and transportation. From Upright to Grand Piano, we are able to move any type of piano in perfectly safe conditions. We are well aware of how valuable these items are and, but we treat any item with the utmost care and respect, regardless of its value.

We are offering piano moving and antiques moving services in and out of NYC as well as nationwide.

Antiques movers NYC


We are not fine art or furniture experts either, but when it comes to moving antiques, we are the best. Not only do our antiques movers have the right skills to handle such sensitive objects, they are also equipped with all the necessary technology and supplies, including special crates, designed to protect each one of your antiques during the moving.

What can fine art and piano movers do for you?


  1. We’ll take special care with your piano or fine instrument, paying attention to every detail to pad and prepare it for moving. We’ll carefully transport your high-value goods for the best cost. Our professional piano movers have just the right skills.
  2. All special art and antique moving items are noted, carefully packed, padded and protected by special wrapping.
  3. Custom crates are designed and built to protect each item throughout the piano move in NYC but also for long distance moving.
  4. We also can provide specialized preparation and transport of your pianos or oversized or extra-heavy objects of all kinds. Where hoisting is required, Empire Movers Expert team will use cranes through windows, when necessary, as well.

Fine Art and Antiques Relocation Services


As experienced piano movers and fine art movers in NYC, we use custom crating, special packing, padding and stretch wrapping and other unique techniques to ensure these high-value products are protected and prepared for transport. Whether we are moving your Baby Grand piano or transporting a collection of antiques for an auction house, Keplors Movers NYC also offers you a solution for securely transporting high-value goods.